Advanced 3D Vision Solutions


Chronoptics delivers smart 3D vision solutions that bring best in class performance to end users, application engineers, and camera developers.

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Evaluation Kit Camera

Time-of-Flight 3D vision cameras that meet the needs of your application

The Evaluation Kit (EVK) is a technology demonstrator camera that highlights the advanced capabilities of Chronoptics' next generation Time-of-Flight solutions. It delivers the accuracy, flexibility, and capability needed for modern machine vision applications. The camera is suitable for application engineers' specific use case evaluation, and to Time-of-Flight developers and manufacturers for evaluation of Chronoptics' technologies with a view to licensing.


  • Advanced embedded depth processing
    • High Accuracy and stability
    • Multi-path interference mitigation
    • Simultaneous multiple camera operation
  • 320 x 240 image resolution
  • Lens selectable field of view
  • 850nm illumination wavelength
  • External frame trigger synchronisation
  • Dimensions: 100mm x 80mm x 60mm
  • Ethernet connectivity and API
  • Firmware upgradeable:
    • Future enhancements
    • Bespoke customization


The pixel oscilloscope

The PixelScope measures the optical pixel modulation of Time-of-Flight sensor pixels, allowing you to quantify, visualise and compare the optical response and important characteristics of your pixels. It allows you to gain insights and understanding of your pixel modulation process, optimise drive signal parameters and diagnose modulation drive issues, accelerate pixel development cycle with rapid accurate characterisation, and calibrate based on actual modulation waveform shape and harmonic content.


  • Quickly, easily and accurately measure the optical modulation response of your pixels.
  • Compare optical modulation waveform shape across all pixels simultaneously.
  • Quantify modulation waveform, perform advanced waveform and harmonic analysis, and measure modulation changes as the drive signal propagates through the sensor.
  • Compare modulation performance and characteristics, such as modulation depth, rise/fall time, duty cycle, relative delays, and analyse how these parameters vary across the sensor.
  • Visualise the effective modulation response, including the impact of intended or unintended modulation signal variations during the integration period.
  • Characterise and compare the response of standalone test pixels and experimental pixel designs without the need for full time-of-flight system integration.


  • Supports pixel modulation clock frequencies beyond 1GHz
  • Effective measurement bandwidth of 10GHz
  • Effective sample rate up to 100Gs/s
  • Customer specified optical test wavelength
  • Matlab, Python, and serial port API through USB

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Advanced Technologies

Improve the capability and quality of your Time-of-Flight camera

Chronoptics' suite of smart algorithms and technologies overcome the hard and prevalent problems in the industry to improve the capability and overcome limitations of Time-of-Flight cameras. These solutions are available to Time-of-Flight camera manufacturers for implementation in their products. Example solutions include:

  • Remove multi-path interference distortions
  • Improved linearity and reduce need for calibration
  • Overcome motion artefact distortion
  • Modulation power saving


Chronoptics delivers high quality 3D vision solutions that allow electronic devices to perceive depth and experience the world in three-dimensions, something we humans take for granted. The company designs 3D camera systems, building on a decade of ground breaking research conducted in the Range Imaging research group of the University or Waikato, developing technologies and algorithms to improve the quality and overcoming limitations of Time-of-Flight imaging systems.

Time-of-Flight (ToF) 3D imaging determines depth quickly and efficiently, providing reliable, low latency data in a solid-state form factor that can be easily miniaturised. The technology can be applied to the full spectrum of markets from industrial machine vision to consumer electronics, in applications such as, augmented and mixed reality, security, automotive, gaming, medical, and automation. However, not all Time-of-Flight cameras are built equal!

Chronoptics' 3D vision technologies outperform the rest with respect to accuracy, flexibility, and capability. We deliver solutions that overcome the hard problems to customers across the industry. We provide customised and bespoke cameras for end users and application engineers, as well as algorithms, technologies, and test, measurement, and calibration equipment for camera designers and manufacturers.

Management Team

Adrian Dorrington


Adrian leads the overall vision for strategy and technology, and is responsible for engaging with customers.

Refael Whyte


Refael focuses on system integration, firmware/software, and the development and implementation of new technologies.

Richard Conroy


Richard focuses on hardware design and ensures all admin operations, engineering and manufacturing runs smoothly.

Greg Cross

Advisory Board

Greg is a successful technology entrepreneur with wide experience in major international technology markets.

Nigel Slaughter

Advisory Board

Nigel is a respected business leader and strategist over a wide range of industries, including Time-of-Flight.

Cameron Marshall

Advisory Board

Cameron is an accomplished product development leader, with experience in sectors relevant to Chronoptics.


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